Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Day 19

Using up stuff in my cupboard! :)

Yoghurt with a splash of maple syrup
kiwi, raspberry and strawberry
Ham, salad, bacon and egg mini bite, cheese and mini tomato on sticks (loving my sticks!)
Few chocolate buttons
Pineapple juice
Packet crisps
Mini fondant cake


  1. So, I have a few questions about the Goodbyn. 1) Do you have TWO goodbyns? I saw you post pictures of pink and blue ones. And 2) Do they only come with a green drink container, or do they give you a lid color that matches your Goodbyn. These are things I've been wondering!

    Finally, how well do they contain your yogurt or wet items. It looks great before you put the lid on, but what's it like in the middle of the workday?

  2. Hi Jenna - all good questions! 1) I have a pink goodbyn, my mum has a blue goodbyn, my nephew has a blue goodbyn too! (2) They come with a clear plastic container that has the same colour lid as your lunch box. So the pink has a pink one etc. I have a massive stash of juice boxes in my food storage that I am trying to use up before I use the drink bottle, hence you havent seen it on here yet - but you will do soon! :) 3) They contain the yoghurt perfectly and same for wet items. I make my box the night before and put it in the fridge over night so its nice and cold. I eat lunch at 1pm sometimes later if I am in a meeting and its always still perfectly fine. The way its packed is the way it looks when I open it. Nothing leaks into the other containers or anything either.

  3. Hi there! I see that you answered Jenna with the "wet stuff" like yogurt or applesauce... But if you stand the Goodbyn upright, like books on a bookshelf, does it leak out at all? Really that and the fact that Im not sure the food will keep cold until lunchtime for my kids is the only reason I havent bought one yet... Thanks for answering!

  4. Hi Valerie. If you stand the goodbyn up nothing leaks out, as long as the lid is clicked shut properly!! Its easy to shut the lid though and you hear it "click" into place so you know it is secure. I haven't had any problems and I hold it by the handle to take to work so its upright most of the time. I put my box into the fridge overnight and I eat my lunch at either 12noon or 1pm - its always still cold. You can freeze water in the drink container and that keeps the whole box cool all day.


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