Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day 45

Two different Goodbyns for day 45....

Pink: Popcorn, rice with tomatoe and pineapple chicken (receipe to follow in this post), Mixed fruit made of 3 types of melon and mango. 2 Marshmallows. Some grapes and some cherry tomatoes and a mini chocolate egg.

Blue: Popcorn, BBQ Chicken salad with rice hiding underneath, mixed melon fruit, 2 marshmallows, grapes, a mini cheese and a mini chocolate egg.

The pineapple chicken was delicious. I had a roast chicken on Sunday so used the leftover meat in this. I didnt use a receipe just made it up as I went along!! I tore the leftover chicken into strips first of all and placed to one side. In a large pot I cut up one onion and cooked until golden brown with 1 clove of garlic. I then added the chicken, and various mixed veg I had lying around - I used carrots, celery and some green beans. To this I added 2 cans of chopped tomatoes, some tomato puree and some herbs from my windowbox (I cant remember what now - I used mixed). I then added a little spoon of marmite, a dash of tabasco sauce and a can of pineapple chunks - including the juice. I then added a chinese oxo cube for depth of flavour and let it bubble away for about 45 mins. It turned out with a nice thick pineapply flavoured sauce - sticky and sweet. Yum. It served 4 people for dinner on Monday and then the leftovers fed me in my goodbyn for lunch on Tuesday with some left over still at home.

The chicken cost £5.99 and was used in 3 meals! Not bad huh. I love leftovers

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