Thursday, 18 February 2010

Day 59

What did I ever do before I had my goodbyn? I went out for lunch with the girls yesterday - I spent £15 on a chicken sandwich and a pineapple juice! Can you believe that?! Daylight Robbery.
The sandwich was nice, but I was hungry within about an hour. I missed my goodbyn :( I got grumpy too and felt miserable. Back to my Goodbyn today though. :) I have:
Leftover breaded chicken from our dinner tonight (chicken breast cut into slices and coated with egg then breadcrumbs (bread was going stale so wanted to use it up) and garlic)
Salad with lettuce, carrot, mixed peppers, beetroot and cucumber
Oreo cookies - because it's Friday
Mango - if anyone knows a good way to cut a mango without making as much mess as I did, please let me know! :)
Box of raisins and sultanas
Cutlery and a salad creme

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  1. Oh, aren't mangoes just the worst to cut! I call it strangling. I'm lucky to get a serving with good sized chunks, but the majority ends up being practically mashed. I have seen tools lately that supposedly cut the seed out, but I'm skeptical that they'd work. ;-)


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