Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Day 10

Having a bit of an Indian theme today....

Mango Chutney
Mini Poppadoms
Mini Onion Bhaji, Mini Samosa, Mini Spinich Pakora and Aloo Chat
Chicken Tikka with Green salad and beetroot
Nan bread strips with seeds
Chocolate buttons
Tropical flavoured water carton
Napkin (and I put a fork in after I took this picture!)

Looking forward to it! Something a little different. As an offside note, my colleagues in the office are checking my lunch out everyday! Its become quite the novelty. 3 people have even started bringing their own lunches in too instead of going out and we're all comparing. Its great and we are all saving money too !
I have never kept at anything like this for so long, the goodbyn was just what I needed

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