Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day 2 - Very sorry looking

So, the lunch I posted yesterday was a success. Although I was so full up I couldnt eat it all - I certainly packed too much, those "little" containers are very deceiving. Everyone at work loved the lunch box too and were all impressed. I had a few comments such as - "ooh I bet it leaks when you swing it around though" - I took great pride in telling them it didnt! :)

Which leads us nicely onto todays post. I've struggled today I really have, I've been working since 8:30am this morning, got in at 6:30pm and was straight out the door to a dance class from 7 until 11:30. I have just packed my box for tomorrow but am so tired its not particuarly awe inspiring stuff - looking at this pic its all one or two colours - beige and pink!!

I also decided I might need to go shopping at the weekend. Tomorrow will be better I have time to cook! :)

Todays box includes:

Spam and Beetroot sandwiches on brown bread
Cheese Cubes
Ribena Juice Drink (using my juice boxes up before I brave the bottle that comes with the box)
A few crisps (or as my American Friends say "Chips") - cheese and onion flavoured
Canned Fruit Cocktail
Angel Delight (which is a powdered mix you add to milk and stir to make a thick pudding) raspberry flavour.
2 mini strawberry biscuits from France (my friend went recently)

I think todays is not only too beige and pink co-ordinated (not on purpose) but not the healthiest!

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