Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Day 3

Biggest success of Day 2's lunch was definately the Angel Delight - it was to die for and I will definately be having that again. I felt full today but not uncomfortable and I didnt pick at anything all morning or afternoon until dinner time. It is definately helping curb my appetite as I am eating fresher things in controlled portion sizes. I figured it out today too - I was spending £6 per day on my lunch thats £35 per week! ($70 give or take) thats just silly money. I've saved £12 so far and I am not picking at sweets and candy! Woohoo - I am loving my goodbyn

For Day 3 I am having:

Leftover rice and sweet and sour chicken from dinner tonight (homemade with tomatoes from our garden too! lots of yummy pineapple also)
Cucumber slices
Pear peeled and sliced
Choc chip Brioche chunked into pieces
a few goldfish crackers
Apple Juice
The top container has a fork and spoon and napkin!

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